If you could walk a mile, or even just 20 steps in someone else’s shoes to save their life, would you?

Take the MyWalk4Water Challenge and do just that – have some fun, use your creativity, and provide clean water for life for those who need it most, all from your own neighborhood.

  1. Challenge: Find a way to walk as far as you can carrying a bucket of water on your head without using your hands. Use your creativity in coming up with a solution – the possibilities are endless! Imagine, women and children in Africa walking an average of 4 miles every day carrying water on their heads!
  2. Share: Post a video on social media of you completing the challenge using #MyWalk4Water and tag @familyhumanitarian. Post this link to guide your friends to donate: (Or if you’ve set a personal goal you can post a link to your personal donating page, see step 5.) 
  3. Nominate: Tag 4 of your friends and invite them to to complete the challenge and donate. 
  4. Join in the event: Register for the virtual walk to receive a t-shirt and special race bib. Each registration will pay for a water filter for a family in need. Register
  5. Raise Money: Donate and fundraise to provide clean water for life and to participate in the prizes. You can share your personal donation link on your posts to get you to your goal.  Donate