The virtual event concept will allow you to participate no matter where you live. In order to raise awareness and additional funds, we encourage you to plan your own event and invite your neighbors and friends. Below are a few ideas to help you get started. You can check out the tools page for additional resources.

  1. Hold your own Walk 4 Water event: Hold an event at a park or other similar location with games, relay races, various competitions and activities, bounce houses, slides, etc. You can create an activity to allow everyone to experience what it’s like for African women and children to carry water, either by hand or on their heads, and run other water-related games.
  2. Dinner Night: One family hosts an annual Navajo Taco Dinner night in their backyard. They invite all of their friends and neighbors to share a meal together and participate in donating to sponsor a borehole. Taking a few minutes during the evening to educate guests about the need for clean water and/or to show one of our videos is always a nice touch. (You will find flyers, pictures, videos, etc. for your use on our fundraising tools page).  You can even consider joining forces with friends to divide the workload. Multiple times this family has been successful at raising all of the needed funds to sponsor an entire borehole in just one fun evening.
  3. Hold a Class or Clinic: This could be part of your Walk 4 Water event or done at a separate time. You can teach a new skill – run a soccer skills clinic, teach a jewelry-making class, or anything you have expertise – the possibilities are endless. You can charge a flat entrance fee, ask for donations, or a combination of the two. Finding a way to teach participants about the global water crisis and/or to show one of our videos either prior to or during the event, can increase your fundraising success. (You will find flyers, pictures, videos, etc. for your use on our fundraising tools page.)
  4. Ways Children Can Participate: Children love to be involved and get excited about helping children in another part of the world. You can enlist your children in any of the ideas above. They also like having a bake sale, donating lemonade stand money, or helping with a car wash. Remind them that every dollar they raise will give water to one person for the rest of their lives. It is impressive how they can change a life with such a relatively small amount of money.