Families helping Families – Villages blessing Villages

Each registration is one step closer to a world where everyone has access to clean water. Participating in the Walk 4 Water event is an awesome opportunity to learn about, and teach your children about, the global water crisis while doing something to help at the same time.

Walk 4 Water

Registration details

Each $39 registration will pay for clean water for 10-20 people for the rest of their lives and a t-shirt and special bib for you! With your help, 1000’s of villages have hope for a brighter future, no longer collecting dirty water. Registration for the event is not required to donate.

  • Early Registration: $39, May 15 – July 31
  • Late Registration: $44, August 1 – August 23
  • If you are not interested in a shirt or a bib you may choose to donate without registering for the event.
Walk 4 Water


Make it personal and meaningful to you and invite your village to join you by choosing how you will participate the week of September 5-11. The options are limitless. For ideas on how to raise funds and participate you can check out the event tools.