Families helping Families – Villages blessing Villages

Each registration is one step closer to a world where everyone has access to clean water. Participating in the Walk 4 Water event is an awesome opportunity to learn about, and teach your children about, the global water crisis while doing something to help at the same time.


Each $39 registration will pay for clean water for 10-20 people for the rest of their lives and a t-shirt and special bib for you! With your help, 1000’s of villages have hope for a brighter future, no longer collecting dirty water. Registration for the event is not required to donate.

  • Early Registration: $39, May 15 – July 15
  • Late Registration: $44, July 16 – August 15
  • If you are not interested in a shirt or a bib you may choose to donate and join the Family Humanitarian Facebook community without registering for the event.


Make it personal and meaningful to you and invite your village to join you by choosing how you will participate the week of September 5-11. The options are limitless. For ideas and tools for raising funds see the tools page. If you are interested in planning your own event check out the events page. We hope that you will choose to participate in the daily challenges that will be issued during the event:

Sunday, September 5, Sunday Service

Offer a prayer of gratitude for the clean water you receive every day and a prayer for inspiration to know how you can help others to receive that same gift. Watch your inbox for an inspirational video to kick off the week.

Monday, September 6, Monday Miles

How many miles can you put in today? Share how many miles you walked on the Family Humanitarian Facebook page and/or why this cause is important to you. (You may even ask your village to pledge to donate for your miles.)

Tuesday, September 7, Two-fer Tuesday

Walk (or run) two miles, recognizing this is only half the distance the average woman and child travel each day to get water. For an extra challenge walk carrying a bucket of water and consider those women and children who walk an average of 4 miles every day to gather all of their family water needs.

Wednesday, September 8, Wednesday Water

Drink half your body weight in ounces of clean water. Finalize your plans for Saturday. See ideas on our events page.

Thursday, September 9, Thursday Throw-down

Throw out on social media a video about what you’re doing and vocally express gratitude for the clean water that enters your home every day. You can find links to videos on the tools page.

Friday, September 10, Friday 5K

Walk or run five kilometers. Write about your virtual 5K on your social media story and invite your friends to donate and help you meet your fundraising goal before Saturday night.

Saturday, September 11, Saturday Celebration

Enjoy celebrating and raising awareness at your live event.

Sunday, September 12, Sunday Ceremony

Say a prayer of gratitude for the abundance you have been given and the opportunity you have to share. Tune in at 7 PM MST on the Family Humanitarian Facebook page for the live drawing, our award ceremony, and the announcement of the expedition winner. (A ticket will be submitted for each $500 raised and reported by Saturday night.)